Logo representing Libre Ref - consists of a book merged with a palette

Libre Ref

Artist Reference Tool

Logo representing gop-music - consists of a musical-note on top of a keyboard


Structural-OCaml editing

Logo representing gop-music - consists of a musical-note on top of a keyboard



A Logo representing gop-tables - consist of a timetable



A Logo representing log-my-pos - consists of an eyeball and a pencil writing on a landscape


Automated FailSafe

A small logo representing html-gen - consists of some arrows pointing to some free notes above a globe

Html Generator

Static site generator

A Logo representing pathetic C - consists of a rendition of the C programming language book with a sad expression


C-2-MIPS compiler

A small logo representing topological todo - consists of a series of todo-items linked

Topological Todo

DAG-based todo list

A small logo representing alexa-aggregator - consists of an A character being drawing into a single point

Alexa Aggregator

For HCI experiments

A small logo representing wacom tablet tool - consists of a drawing tablet and a spanner.

Wacom Tablet Tool

Linux Tablet Tool

A small logo representing genius pass - consist of a key and a brain superimposed on top of each other

Genius Pass

(Joke) Password Management

A small logo representing project note - consists of a pencil writing onto a piece of paper

Project Note

Web Note-taking App

A small logo representing CV-generator - consists of a printer printing out a piece of paper with CV written on it.

CV Generator

Simple, Formal, Elegant.

A small logo representing vidme-client - consist of a video-play board with the text vidme on top.

Vidme Client


A small logo representing UWP reddit slideshow - consist of two images ontop of a cloud with M$ ontop

UWP Reddit Slideshow

Using Micro$oft UWP

A small logo representing reddit-slideshow - consist of two images ontop of each other like a slideshow.

Web Reddit Slideshow

Web Slideshow

A small logo representing java-jones-quest - consist of a coffee cup with a explorer hat on top of it.

Java Jones' Quest

Online Java Course

A small logo representing monadic-c-parsing - consist of a C character followed by the Haskell monad bind operator.

Monadic C parsing

Experiments of C parsing

A small logo representing gop-net - consits of a simplistic rendition of a neural network.


MNIST in pure C