CV Generator

#projects #java #swing

This project arose due to a combination of two factors - recently being exposed to latex, but not having enough experience to feel comfortable writing it, and an interest in gaining more experience with using Java Swing.

As the university was pushing us to construct resumes and cvs at the time, I decided to try and hit both birds with one stone, and write a program to automate some of the steps in constructing a CV.

The motivating idea here was that different job applications would be interested in different parts of my past work experience, so it seemed like it would be useful to have a tool for quickly reordering and selecting which items that I wanted to show (I couldn't think of a way to do this easily on standard document processing applications).

In this way, I ended up constructing one of the largest swing applications I had worked on up to that point, which also helped to internalize many of the idioms of swing (knoweldge that I have relied on many times since then).


The project also uses rather clean implementation of an model-view-presenter structure, which I guess I could use as a reference if I ever end up doing OOP again (very unlikely).

You can find the project here: CV generator