Java Jones Quest

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This was a project done for one of the submodules required as part of UCL's CS undergraduate degree, in which we had to set up some kind of course to teach younger children some kind of programming.

After brainstorming with my team for the project, we opted to build a coure teaching object oriented programming, with the twist that we would contextualize our examples within real world examples - thereby providing grounding for why the topics were important. So for example, when we explained encapsulation, we also gave a (overly) simplified example of where it could be used - for example, in encapsulating the personal data of patients for use in IBM watson.

The course was also tied together by a adventure story, following the expedition of a renowed java researcher(-archaeologist?) Jane Jones, as she searched for the lost treaure of OOP.

Against my better judgement, I also volunteered to do the illustrations for this project, resulting in such beauties as follows:


(Overall, I ended up spending around 1-2 entire weeks dedicated to doing all of the drawings, leaving me with a strained arm afterwards.)

Rather annoyingly, the youtube channel (bah proprietary!) we set up to hold all the videos for the project actually has more subscribers (291), than my main youtube channel.

You can find the project here: Website, Project-site