Vidme Client (RIP)

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Possibly a cautionary tale in making sure you finish your projects on time.

So during 2017, the platform Vidme was gaining popularity as an alternative to Youtube in light of it's heavy-handed censorship.

As a relatively new platform, there were only a few native clients for the platform, and crucially Windows was not on that list.

As such, seeing an opportuntity given my past experience with the UWP platform, I decided to go and try my hand at writing such a client.

I actually went quite far with the project, implementing most of the features (subscriptions, chanels, pagination), and the last thing I had completed was the actual video streaming - so the app was almost complete.

As this update was just shortly following a relatively large refactor of the codebase and university was starting again, I thus decided to place it on the back-burner for a while.

Unfortunately, a few months later, while I was at university, the Vidme platform shutdown for good, thereby invalidating all of what what I had done on the project.

To this day I still wonder whether if I had published the app sooner, maybe the Vidme platform would still be around1.

As it stands, the last and final commit on this project is the one in which I happily exclaim that the video streaming is now done. Perhaps a haunting reminder of the frailty of life?


You can find the project here: vidme-project



Realistically, I know that it's unlikely that my app would have made any changes, but damn it, a man can dream.